So what's the story behind Foresight Parking?

Picture an urban zone with a number of cafes, restaurants, local businesses, close to a residential area. Businesses are growing and attracting more and more customers in the area, which means more and more cars and traffic. There is plenty of parking in the area, both on-street and in privately owned off-street car garages.

However because of outdated infrastructure, they are hard to find and being under-utilised.

Parking time limits are not being enforced, which limits turn-over to local businesses.

It leaves some areas available but not utilized and others overcrowded.

Now, think about that same urban area, populated with a combination of smart parking technologies to allow for real-time data collection.

The local council can use the data to make informed decisions regarding parking rates, time limits and allocation or plan for future developments, as well as enforcing parking rules for a fraction of the cost.

Privately owned car parks have access to real-time information regarding the utilization of their modern infrastructure.

All this valuable data can also be accessible to local businesses and drivers, showing them real-time parking availability, along with relevant information about the area.

This is what Foresight Parking can create for you

a modern infrastructure

more paying parking customers

an effective parking strategy to fully utilize what you have

real-time information about your infrastructure

Foresight Parking is an initiative by NewieVentures (to find out more, please check our website

We have already launched 3 smart parking installations throughout Newcastle, collecting valuable data that has the potential to create a more livable urban environment.

To find out how it can help your business contact us now!