Smart Parking Customer Interface


Customer foresight

Via a customer interface, we make it easy for drivers to plan their trip using the map or satellite view.

Choose your destination and your phone guides you straight there!

Drivers can quickly identify and avoid heavy areas, target vacant space and select best entry and route.



Asset Management

With our advanced analytics tools, we can provide with valuable information that can help optimise the utilisation of existing assets, identify areas of stress or plan for new developments.

Smart Parking Asset Management
Smart Parking Low Impact Implementation


Low impact implementation

Our leading technology sensors are easy to install and require little maintenance. They mount on the curb or side walk.

The sensors are low-energy and solar powered, which means no battery changes and no cables. They use non-magnetic technology, therefore are less susceptible to false triggers.

Their wireless technology is compatible with existing protocols SigFox and LoRa.



We provide you with a multi-mode solution that integrate seamlessly with your infrastructure. Customer interface and LED signs are part of our offering.

Public transport schedules and ride sharing and other programs can also be shown on the interface.

Smart Parking Integration


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